Senior Frontend Developer

United States (Remote)  •  $180,000 - 200,000  •  Permanent

About the company:   

The startup wants to power the upcoming wave of service industries. Entrepreneurs that wish to offer a service online must create apps from scratch and are unable to give customers a seamless experience while operating under their own brand. By providing service businesses with the necessary building pieces (messaging, payments, etc.), they hope to change this and provide their customers with a more contemporary, streamlined experience.

They are looking for a Senior Front- End Engineer. You will be entirely responsible for scaling our multi-tenant web application and leading the web platform to ensure reliable delivery across the globe. This entails designing each component of the solution, from our system’s development through its deployment and execution.


Roles & Responsibilities:   

  • Your primary role involves developing solutions for various modules, such as payments, messaging, and file-sharing, you will be working on the core product.
  • You are required to oversee a number of initiatives and be accountable for their accomplishment. This entails working directly with the company’s founders and other engineers to establish new services and scalable infrastructure
  • You’ll be responsible to create a technical long-term strategy that is thoughtful. You are aware of when to upgrade infrastructure and procedures (testing, code reviews, CI/CD) and when to handle tech debt.
  • You’ll assist in interviewing and hiring more skilled engineers.
  • You’ll have the chance to get active in various areas, such as marketing, expansion, operations, etc., in addition to your primary task.



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